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I am a mom of two littles and have had 3 serious surgeries in the last 8 years. Seeing my body go through the ups and downs of these changes has urged me to learn more about nutrition and change my eating standards. Since then, I have seen changes in my kids, husband, and myself. I want to share the knowledge I have to help others to feel as amazing as I feel!

Competing at a collegiate level in Basketball for 4 years brought me to a love of Personal Training for 11 years. I have helped a large range of people, anyone from a college athlete, to someone who just started. I have shared my love of exercising and motivating through teaching Group Fitness Courses for 3 years. I am furthering my education daily with new certifications and the latest and greatest available knowledge on exercise and nutrition.


I will be giving a series of meal options for each main meal of the day and for snacks/meals in between. I will provide exercises that help you to get where you want to be quicker and to stay there. You will feel capable and confident in implementing these strategies and tools that I am sharing. I keep things so simple you’ll love following along. We are all in this together and you are capable! It all starts with one small change at a time.

Any questions you have on exercise, nutrition, my blog, I would LOVE to answer them! Head over to my Facebook or Instagram “shewillpower” or just head over and say Hi. I would love to get to know you! If you want some FREE weekly Motivation and/or professional Fitness advise? Subscribe to my monthly newsletter to make changes today! Much LOVE!

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