One Easy Way to Work Your Core All Day

I saw myself in a picture one day, shortly after having my first child, and I hated the way I looked! I hated it simply because my posture was AWFUL! How on earth did I not notice I was hunched over that far?! Since I have noticed it, I have been researching ways to improve and have found some amazing sources online. I have also found some outstanding correlations between core and posture.


  1. I noticed when researching and trying different tactics, is that my core has to work so much harder to hold my body in good posture!
  2. My waist is actually smaller (I used a measuring tape) when I have good posture vs bad posture. I actually tried this on other people too! It is true!
  3. I have noticed a HUGE climb in my core strength by having good posture while exercising.

If you struggle with posture and/or core strength, use the tools I have put on here! You will be amazed just as I was!

First tool!

My cousin is an AMAZING chiropractor! Very knowledgeable and well rounded in the industry of health. Kevin Lundell posted this video a while back and I have been using his tactics ever since. He has some other great videos on  keeping good alignment while exercising, you wouldn’t be disappointed in following him on Facebook.

Fight Poor Posture With Thoracic Extension

Gravity, and your cell phone, wants to round your back and pull your shoulders forward. Fight it with Thoracic Extension exercises.

Posted by Lundell Chiropractic on Monday, January 23, 2017


Second tool!

I found these strength exercises on Pinterest about 8 months ago, went back to find them again, and they are gone! So I can’t tag the genius behind this, but I can show you what I learned! I do this at least once a day and I feel a difference every time I do it.


Heals, butt, shoulders, and head against the wall. Tuck your chin in (You will have a double chin for the few minutes you are doing this, Ha Ha) towards your chest. Palms face down at your sides, raise arms up 1/3 of the way up toward your head. Flip your palms up and raise your arms up toward your ears. Try to push your palms against your ears. Your arms should be touching the wall the entire way up and as you try to push your palms against your ears.

Leave me a message and let me know how you like these tools! What kinds of things help you to have good posture?


I am a mom of two littles and have had 3 serious surgeries in the last 8 years. Seeing my body go through the ups and downs of these changes has urged me to learn more about nutrition and change my eating standards. Since then, I have seen enormous changes in my kids, husband, and myself. I want to share the knowledge I have to help others to feel as amazing as I feel! Competing at a collegiate level in Basketball for 4 years and obtaining my bachelor’s degree in business, brought me to a hobby of Personal Training for 12 years. I have helped a large range of people, anyone from a college athlete, to someone who just started. I have shared my love of exercising and motivating through teaching Group Fitness Courses for 3 years and continuing as a certified personal trainer for people of all different ranges. I am furthering my education daily with new certifications and the latest and greatest available knowledge on exercise and nutrition.

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