HOW TO from a Goal Setting Pro

“Simple daily disciplines – little productive actions, repeated consistently over time – add up to the difference between failure and success”

– Jeff Olson “The Slight Edge”


Being a Pac-12 Division 1 Athlete is challenging and incredible at the same time. It requires extensive dedication, motivation and perseverance. A normal day consists of waking up early to go to weights with the team, going to class, eating lunch, going to practice for 3 hours, getting home and doing homework, and then going to bed and waking up the next day to repeat that same cycle. It can be exhausting but the opportunities that arise on a day-to-day basis make it all worth it. I find that I am constantly pushing myself (mentally and physically) to become my best. The one thing that has really driven me to success throughout my career is goal setting.


Goal setting is critical to ones success because it can help determine daily decisions, which lead to important outcomes. I have learned that it is not about focusing on that one large goal but about focusing on the little daily decisions that will require you to choose things that will lead you into the direction of your desires. I have learned 3 crucial elements that have helped me accomplish my goals.


  1. Write down your ultimate goal.

  2. At the beginning of every week write down 1-3 steps or decisions that you will make to help you get closer to your goal.

  3. Tell someone about your goal and the steps you are going to take and have him or her hold you accountable.


These three steps are very simple, but I have learned that it is best to simplify when it comes to making goals. If you are constantly reminding yourself of the things you need to do each week, you are more likely to make decisions that will help you reach success. Being successful and reaching your goals is all about the small and simple things. Preparation is a critical component of winning; the concept is the same for goal setting. Take control of your decisions and start focusing on the things that are most important to you. You will find that you are moving in the direction of your dreams. Start with the small and simple daily decisions, go get a journal and start writing.



I am a mom of two littles and have had 3 serious surgeries in the last 8 years. Seeing my body go through the ups and downs of these changes has urged me to learn more about nutrition and change my eating standards. Since then, I have seen enormous changes in my kids, husband, and myself. I want to share the knowledge I have to help others to feel as amazing as I feel! Competing at a collegiate level in Basketball for 4 years and obtaining my bachelor’s degree in business, brought me to a hobby of Personal Training for 12 years. I have helped a large range of people, anyone from a college athlete, to someone who just started. I have shared my love of exercising and motivating through teaching Group Fitness Courses for 3 years and continuing as a certified personal trainer for people of all different ranges. I am furthering my education daily with new certifications and the latest and greatest available knowledge on exercise and nutrition.

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