Do you need motivation to be healthy? We’ve all been hit with that choice between going to the gym, or… NOT going! Ha ha. Does the “WHY” give you motivation? My answers can help you to be knowledgeable and motivated! Do you want to see a change in your body, feel stronger, and know what exercises will help you get there quicker? Hell YES! We’ve all been there, wanting a change, especially after having those precious babies.

I THRIVE on helping people get past these challenges! I LOVE sharing what knowledge I have about Exercise and Nutrition to help others get where they want to be! I want you to have the tools that I have to be healthy and to love your body!

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing! You can have the strength to get through this and all while smiling, being your best mom, and loving yourself. You can be healthy and fit, and still have plenty of time to be with the ones you love.

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Road Blocks

Road Blocks have been my close personal friend this last month! Every time I feel like I am past a huge road block, I see another even bigger sign saying “bump ahead!” I am not one to complain, but I do try to take away something positive from every bad thing that happens. You guys…

HOW TO from a Goal Setting Pro

“Simple daily disciplines – little productive actions, repeated consistently over time – add up to the difference between failure and success” – Jeff Olson “The Slight Edge”   Being a Pac-12 Division 1 Athlete is challenging and incredible at the same time. It requires extensive dedication, motivation and perseverance. A normal day consists of waking…

One Easy Way to Work Your Core All Day

I saw myself in a picture one day, shortly after having my first child, and I hated the way I looked! I hated it simply because my posture was AWFUL! How on earth did I not notice I was hunched over that far?! Since I have noticed it, I have been researching ways to improve…

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